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How Our Share Ownership Program Is Changing the Lives of Those In the Security Industry

10th November 2016

Creating a Better Future

At Intelligarde we made it our mission to not only ensure the community we serve feels secure and protected, but to make certain our employees feel the same way. To accomplish this we decided to be better, do better, and offer more to our people. Intelligarde started the Employee Share Ownership Program to change lives; find out why it’s working and how it’s redefining the security industry.

The Security Industry Needs to Change

The first step to making a change is realizing that a change is necessary. Intelligarde recognized that many security companies were avoiding proper regulations and taxation in order to charge lower prices. The result was work environments that:

  • Put profit before people
  • Offer poor training
  • Provide no benefits
  • Create job uncertainty

How Intelligarde is Making the Change

Not only did Intelligarde recognize the need for change, we decided to reimagine our entire company to begin a mission towards better business in the Security Industry. We did this by implementing the Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP). Watch the video below to learn more.  

 The ESOP Changes the Lives of Employees by providing:

  • Financial security & job stability
  • Proper training
  • Opportunity for mobility
  • Incentive to perform well
  • Investment in their future

The ESOP Changes the Lives of Clients by providing: 

  • High-quality service
  • High-quality job performance
  • Properly trained guards
  • Fairly compensated guards
  • Low turnover rates

The ESOP Changes the Security Industry by:

  • Demonstrating proper business practices
  • Improving industry reputation
  • Re-positioning people before profit
  • Proving that proper practices yield long-term success

Certified B Corporation 

Intelligarde is the first security company to be a Certified B Corporation or “B Corp”. This certification confirms that we abide by a set of standards that show we use our business as a force for social good and abide by certain ethical, environmental, and social principles.

Change Your Life With Intelligarde

If you have been discouraged by your experience in the security industry or are simply looking to join a company that prioritizes your job satisfaction, see why Intelligarde stands apart as an employer.

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