Management Team

Intelligarde is run by our team of highly skilled, innovative, and caring individuals that work to improve the company and the lives of the workers within it.

Ross McLeod


Ross has always been a well-known innovator in the security industry developing new methods and important advances to benefit all members of the industry nationwide. As the founder and current CEO of Intelligarde, for over 30 years, he has been integral in revolutionizing the industry – most recently with the introduction of Intelligarde’s Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) & B Corp Certification.

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Chris Botting


For over 17 years, Chris has succeeded in moving up through Intelligarde holding every operational position currently available within Intelligarde's Leadership & Management Program. Chris has been instrumental in the growth and deployment of Intelligarde’s Employees Share Ownership Plan (ESOP), and led the charge in achieving the B Corporation designation. Chris continues to push the limits of what security means to Canadians, and what fair and proper employment looks like to employees in the security industry.

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Michael Gavendo

VP, Business Development

Michael Gavendo is the Vice President of Business Development and has over 20 years’ experience in the security industry. Michael laid the groundwork for Intelligarde’s leaders of tomorrow as a major proponent of our Leaders & Management program.

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Marjaan Hadi

Chief Culture Officer

Marjaan is a graduate of The University of Ontario Institute of Technology’s Criminology. In her time at Intelligarde she has demonstrated remarkably strong emotional intelligence, compassion, and a drive to be better.

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