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How Conscious Capitalism Will Help Improve Society, One Guard at a Time

30th November 2016

At Intelligarde we care about our business, our service, and our people. We realized that many companies were no longer using their businesses for good. An important question came from this realization: are businesses, employers, and capitalism at large, responsible for making a positive impact on the world? This means thinking about business as something greater than a tool for making money. Intelligarde began thinking of business as a tool for social good, as a way to improve lives, and as an opportunity for better business practices that put people first. Find out why we made this our mission and how it became a reality.

What is Conscious Capitalism?

There is a new business model emerging and it is one that reimagines capitalism. “Conscious Capitalism” is all about better business practices that don’t put profit before people. This movement recognizes that businesses can have authentic and caring cultures that provide workers with professional fulfillment as well as personal growth. It has already been found that these new models are outperforming traditional business practices both financially and personally by enhancing the overall well-being and satisfaction of employees.

What the Security Industry is Doing Wrong

Intelligarde recognizes that the security industry is currently failing to operate in a way that enhances the security of its own people and therefore, is failing as an industry. There are a number of factors that negatively impact how security guards are being treated in their workplace. A few of these include: improper practices, poor quality services, weak relationships, pressure from poorly operating companies, and consequently, unhappy employees. As more security companies began to operate outside of regulation and taxation, employees were missing out on basic necessities at work such as proper training, job security, benefits, and insurance.  

Intelligarde is Bringing Conscious Capitalism to the Security Industry

Intelligarde decided to begin a mission to change the security industry into a model of conscious capitalism that would allow the company to grow and prosper by re-infusing purpose, passion, and job-satisfaction into employees. Intelligarde had an idea to re-imagine the industry by providing employees with more than a simple wage. This idea grew into a mission to deliver long-term goals and financial security that security guards can feel good about. Intelligarde is the first ever Certified B Corporation in the security industry. This means Intelligarde operates under a set of standards that show that they use their business as a force for social good and abide by certain ethical, environmental, and social principles. Intelligarde proudly earned this certification by providing employees with positive opportunities.This has been largely executed through the first ever Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) in the security industry.

What is the Employee Share Ownership Plan?

The ESOP allows employees to receive shares of the company and cash in these shares to pay expenses long-term or continue to grow their shares as they develop a degree of seniority at the company. This plan encourages security guards to feel stability, pride and happiness at the place they work. This will fight against the notion that a security guard must juggle multiple jobs at a variety of security companies to provide for themselves or their family. Instead, workers will be able to build stronger relationships at work that allow for both job stability and career mobility. The ESOP benefits clients by ensuring guards are properly licensed, compensated, and performing to their best ability.

Succeeding Together

More industries are seeing the value and success of conscious capitalism; businesses that serve its customers, employees, investors, communities, and environment simultaneously. Intelligarde has accepted its role to serve as an example in the security industry, proving that businesses who grant their employees opportunities like the Employee Share Ownership Plan will see their business and people grow together. Watch our video about how the ESOP works to benefit Intelligarde and its people or click here to get a free career consultation to begin a more secure life with Intelligarde.

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