What is ESOP?

An innovative plan to allow the employees, clients, and company to succeed together

More than a simple paycheck

The Intelligarde Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) allows employees to receive shares of the company and to share in the financial success of Intelligarde.

Employees can choose to cash in their share to pay for expenses such as the purchase of a car, a home, or in the event of retirement.

How the plan helps our people, our clients, and our company

For our employees the ESOP contributes to long term financial health, allows for contribution to important company issues, encourages job stability, and improves the pride and attitude of our workers on a daily basis.

For our clients the ESOP results in an improved performance from security guards, less turnover of the staff, the ability to create long-term relationships with guards and communities, and assurance that guards are properly licensed and compensated.

For our company the ESOP allows us to build lasting relationships between Intelligarde and its people, decreases turnover of staff, grants peace of mind knowing our staff are cared for, and helps us achieve our goal to transform the security industry for the better.

Esop Video

About ESOP

This plan is called the Intelligarde Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP), and Intelligarde is proud to be the only security company in the world to offer it. We provide full-time employees with more than a simple paycheck by offering ownership in the company as part of their wages. For employees, this means that they have an opportunity to share in the financial success of Intelligarde and build a future for themselves. The employees can help contribute to Intelligarde’s success and then choose to cash in their share for their own financial success. The plan is beneficial for employees, clients, and our company.