Suicide Prevention

Learn how to talk to someone suspected of being suicidal to assess their level of risk and prevent them from harming themselves

About Suicide Prevention

Dealing with someone who is suicidal can be an extremely delicate and difficult ordeal. Those who aren’t trained in suicide prevention can feel an immense pressure when they find themselves in that situation. By taking even a single suicide prevention course, you can gain the knowledge that may save a life.   It’s important to understand that many people who attempt suicide go on to live happy lives afterward. Those who are suicidal are not beyond help. They are sick individuals who need help, and they need everyday heroes to step up and offer that help. This training program will teach you how to talk to someone who you suspect of having suicidal thoughts in order to assess their risk level and prevent them from harming themselves.   Though it can feel like a lot of pressure, suicide prevention can be extremely rewarding. Prepare yourself properly to be able to step up if the situation arises.   Click here to view all of the training programs Intelligarde offers.

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    Intelligarde is an industry leader in security services, and committed to changing the industry for the better. What that involves is providing our employees with the best training possible so that they can do their job as safely and effectively as possible. But you don’t have to be an Intelligarde employee to take advantage of our training programs. We’re dedicated to changing the entire industry- not just our own guards. Contact us if you have any questions or want more information about our training programs.

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