Street Drugs: Knowledge and Identification

Learn how to identify common street drugs and signs and symptoms of abuse in people, as well as techniques for handling drugs and treating users

About Street Drugs

While in the past, distinctions between different drugs was more clear, the lines have become blurred, and it’s now harder than ever to differentiate between different drugs. Powders and pills are now cut with many different substances, and instead of just filler agents, drug dealers are using chemicals such as Fentanyl, which is 50-100 times more potent than morphine, and is responsible for an epidemic of recent overdoses.   Being able to distinguish between common street drugs is vital in the prevention and treatment of overdoses, and it’s more important than ever that those in policing and security professions can do so.   Intelligarde’s Street Drugs training program will give you the ability to identify a number of the most common street drugs, as well as how to tell what drug a person has likely consumed based on their appearance and behaviour. The course will also teach about common side effects, safety precautions, handling procedures, and treatment of users.   This program will protect you and give you the knowledge that may end up saving a life. Click here to view all of Intelligarde’s training programs.

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