Safety and Patrol Tactics

Learn tactics for effectively guarding against violence and criminal activity

About Safety and Patrol Tactics

Intelligarde’s Safety and Patrol Tactics program will teach you all of the tactics you need to guard effectively against violence and crime. This ranges from smart safety techniques to avoid exposing yourself to unnecessary risk, as well as foiling criminal activity. This is extremely important if you work in a high profile environment or want to become a high profile security guard.   Highly targeted environments such as banks and political events may attract the attention of savvy criminals who look for ways to take advantage of security weaknesses. By varying your patrol patterns, coordinating with other guards, and using other patrolling techniques, guards can effectively reduce security gaps. Intelligarde’s Safety and Patrol Tactics training program will make you a more capable guard, and will give you a knowledge base that many guards don’t have. Invest in your safety and your career with this opportunity from an industry leader in security services.   Click here to view all of the training programs Intelligarde offers.

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    Changing the Industry

    Intelligarde is an industry leader in security services, and committed to changing the industry for the better. What that involves is providing our employees with the best training possible so that they can do their job as safely and effectively as possible. But you don’t have to be an Intelligarde employee to take advantage of our training programs. We’re dedicated to changing the entire industry- not just our own guards. Contact us if you have any questions or want more information about our training programs.

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