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Intelligarde's Report Writing training program teaches reporting best practices that will impress employers and help you do your job effectively

About Report Writing

A vital aspect of being a security guard, and one of the most commonly used skills in the industry, is the ability to report on incidents effectively. Security companies and clients often want reports of any security threats, crimes, suspicious activity, or other incidents. But writing these reports is half science, half art. It’s a delicate balance between being detailed enough to include all of the important information, and concise enough that you don’t waste your own time or the time of those reading the reports.   Intelligarde’s Report Writing program will teach you how to find this balance, and give you the tools you need to write reports that will please supervisors and clients. Report templates will be provided so that you can have a structure to write reports off of. You will also learn:  
  • What type of language to use
  • How detailed you should be, what details are the most important and what can be left out
  • What kind of questions to answer (who, what, where, when, how, and sometimes why)
  • Whether you should include complementary information with your report (photos, videos, evidence, etc.)
  • How to write objectively so that you only include facts and avoid speculation
  A Report Writing program is something all security companies like to see on a guard’s resume, and our program will give you the skills you need to be the most effective guard possible. Click here to view all of the training programs Intelligarde offers.

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