Non-Violent Crisis Intervention

Learn about how to deal with non-violent crises such as how to respond to a medical emergency or de-escalate an argument

About Non-Violent Crisis Intervention

Fortunately, most of the crises that security guards face are non-violent. But that doesn’t mean that guards don’t have responsibilities in dealing with those situations. Security officers can play an integral role in de-escalating potentially threatening situations, calming those who are distraught, providing comfort, and assisting in any way they can.   One of the areas that security guards struggle with the most is in dealing with situations they aren’t used to. In the security industry, there are many types of situations in which you may need to lend a hand, such as with medical emergencies, building fires, and more. Being able to relate to people well verbally is also vitally important, because preventing an incident is always better than responding to it afterwards. Learn the proper protocol in dealing with various situations, how to calm someone who’s angry, how to provide comfort and support to someone who needs it, and much more.   Don’t neglect this aspect of a security guard’s job. Many guards will work as concierge or low profile security guards in environments where they may never need to respond to violence. In those cases, non-violent crisis intervention becomes the guard’s entire job. And for guards who do work in potentially violent environments, learning how to deal with situations before they escalate can prevent most violence. Impress your employers, stand out from the crowd, and improve your guarding abilities with this training program from Intelligarde, and industry leader in security services.   Click here to view all of Intelligarde’s training programs.

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