Domestic Violence

Learn how to intervene when you suspect or witness domestic violence, including how to talk to perpetrators and victims, and where to seek help

About Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, domestic violence is still one of the most common forms of violence that occurs. People are hurt by those they are most close to, and many of them do not know how serious this abuse can be. Many of those affected by domestic violence do not even consider themselves victims. Though this violence overwhelmingly impacts women, men and children are also victims.   Dealing with domestic violence is a difficult issue, because it often happens behind closed doors, and victims are often hesitant to report it. If domestic violence is witnessed or suspected, there are a number of steps that can be taken to protect people. That includes separating the parties and talking to them individually, explaining facts about domestic abuse, calling the proper authorities, and in some cases, intervening in the violence to protect victims.   The authorities that are involved depend on the case. In situations that involve immediate danger, it’s best to call police services if possible. Other situations will involve child services or public/private organizations to offer support.   Intelligarde’s Domestic Violence training program will teach you how to respond to abuse in different situations. Since it is one of the most common forms of violence, this knowledge is indispensable when working in security services. Contact us today if you’re interested in the course or have any questions.   Click here to view all of the training programs Intelligarde offers.

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