Crime Scene Management

Learn how to manage crime scenes to assist law enforcement investigations

About Crime Scene Management

Working in the security industry means that you’ll likely come across crime scenes or be present when crimes occur. Whether the crimes are big or small, it’s important that the scene is treated correctly in order to help police and investigators do their jobs effectively. Properly treating a crime scene can mean the difference between convicting a criminal and allowing him or her to walk free.   Crime scene management involves a number of measures, from those as simple as keeping other people away from the scene, to taking notes, photos, videos, and collecting other evidence for investigators.   If you want to be an effective security officer, and especially if you have ambitions of going into law enforcement, a crime scene management course is a valuable addition to your resume.   Contact us today if you’re interested in the course or if you have more questions. Click here to view all of Intelligarde’s training programs.

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