What happened to the security industry?

The security industry has taken a wrong turn and we need to steer it back on track.

Improper Practices

Many security companies are operating outside of regulation and taxation. By avoiding these regulations and taxes, these companies can charge lower prices, but fail to provide their guards and their clients with basic necessities such as proper training, job security, benefits and insurance.

Poor Quality Services

Security guards predominantly work for a minimum of five companies to earn a decent wage. Overworked employees burn out, resulting in poor quality of service and a lack of satisfaction in their jobs.

Weak Relationships

Having guards work for many different companies and employers at the same time means that they have often have no commitment to a single employer, community or business. This results in very quick turnover of employees and prevents healthy, long-lasting relationships from forming between the guards and the people they protect.


Black market practices put pressure on all security companies that operate within proper government regulations and taxation. By avoiding benefits, taxation and regulation they can often offer better pricing to prospective clients, creating significant pressures for firms operating inside of regulation.

Unhappy Employees

The current state of the security industry has led to negative consequences for the people, communities, and businesses that use its services to feel safe and secure. Arguably the most affected are the employees that make up the industry and endure sub-par working conditions and a lack of rights

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