Private Investigators

Professional, experienced & discreet investigative services.

What are Private Investigators?

Whether it is a labour disruption, an investigation, a string of break-ins or other sensitive position that requires the skilled acquisition of data, Intelligarde has a vast resource pool of experienced, trained and well-educated private investigators that work discreetly to get the job done.
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    When is a Private Investigator Required?

    Private investigators are most effective in situations where data, intelligence and evidence needs to be gained over time in order to build a case or solve an impending issue.

    Why Choose Intelligarde?

    Private Investigation requires a high-degree of attention to detail and experience in order to be effective. Intelligarde’s extensive experience in private security means an elite level of professionalism and effectiveness in executing Private Investigations. Like all other services provided by Intelligarde, our Private Investigators are supported by industry-leading employment and compensation standards, including:

    30+ Years Experience in Private Security

    For more than 30 years Intelligarde has provided private security services to communities, businesses and institutions across the country.

    Employee Share Ownership

    Many Intelligarde employees hold ownership in the company via an Employee Share Ownership program, resulting in higher employee engagement, better performance and an overall more fulfilling career.

    Certified B Corporation Operating Principles

    Intelligarde is the only security company in the world to be a designated B Corporation displaying a commitment to principles of accountability, transparency, and social good.

    Industry-Leading Business Practices

    Intelligarde is a licensed, government compliant, Canadian owned-and-operated security company that operates inside of regulation, taxation and fair employee compensation with benefits and insurance.

    Locations We Serve

    Intelligarde operates throughout Ontario, including the entire GTA. Click here to learn more about the locations we serve.

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