Emergency Planning

Our experience makes us experts in risk mitigation & emergency planning.

What is Emergency Planning?

Intelligarde’s Emergency Planning Service helps institutions and organizations to mitigate risk and threat levels in difficult situations. Over 30 years Intelligarde has conducted thousands of Threat and Risk Assessments, as well as Emergency and Pandemic Planning strategies for many, many clients.
  • Planning & preparing responses for civil disturbances or disruptions
  • Response & preparation for Pandemics
  • Available to prepare response protocol for corporate and residential clientele
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    What Situations Require Emergency Planning?

    Emergency Planning is best in situations where there is the potential for civil unrest or disturbance, and/or reactive situations where control of people, spaces and personnel is required at scale.

    Why Choose Intelligarde?

    Intelligarde has prepared for pandemics such as the SARS and H1N1 scares of days past, and its team has been very successful in preparing response protocol. In fact, our clients in the downtown core were the only buildings in the financial district to emerge unscathed from the G20 protests. Like all other services provided by Intelligarde, our Emergency Planning Team is supported by industry-leading employment and compensation standards, including:

    30+ Years Experience in Private Security

    For more than 30 years Intelligarde has provided private security services to communities, businesses and institutions across the country.

    Employee Share Ownership

    Many Intelligarde employees hold ownership in the company via an Employee Share Ownership program, resulting in higher employee engagement, better performance and an overall more fulfilling career.

    Certified B Corporation Operating Principles

    Intelligarde is the only security company in the world to be a designated B Corporation displaying a commitment to principles of accountability, transparency, and social good.

    Industry-Leading Business Practices

    Intelligarde is a licensed, government compliant, Canadian owned-and-operated security company that operates inside of regulation, taxation and fair employee compensation with benefits and insurance.

    Locations We Serve

    Intelligarde operates throughout Ontario, including the entire GTA. Click here to learn more about the locations we serve.

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