Scheduling Coordinator

What is a Scheduling Coordinator?

A Scheduling Coordinator is responsible for managing guard and property schedules and ensuring that all properties have the appropriate personnel and staff required. They are also responsible for managing guards schedules and building relationships with all parties involved in order to contribute to a healthy, productive work environment.

What are the responsibilities of a Scheduling Coordinator?

  • Upload and update information in scheduling software as required
  • Write and disseminate bi-weekly schedules
  • Manage staffing of new business
  • Ensure individual schedules are in compliance with employment standards
  • Assess schedules & balance workforce hours to reduce overtime
  • Develop positive relationships with current guards and become familiar with their abilities, restrictions, and career ambitions
  • Meet each new guard, read their field training reports and refer to this when assigning them permanent sites
  • Find permanent sites for guards on a timely basis (no more than 6 weeks)
  • Know the staffing requirements for each site and ensure that they are staffed with the appropriate caliber of guard who is prepared to work there.
  • Ensure that guards have access to site orders when sent to a new site.
  • Respond quickly to customer complaints by making necessary staffing changes in a timely basis.
  • Co-ordinate internal training for employees so there is a sufficient pool of level 2 and 3 guards.
  • Respond to complaints or requests from guards in a timely basis and track these requests and their resolutions
  • Ensure that staff are given sufficient notice by phone prior to any significant schedule changes
  • Manage the work of the scheduler
  • Bring to scheduling meetings issues, follow ups, and suggestions for staff deployment changes.
  • Inform Customer Service Manager and Operations of site changes for staff so clients can be informed

What skills or qualifications make a good fit for a Scheduling Coordinator?

  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Proficiency in all Microsoft Office products
  • Strong written and oral communications skills
  • Ability to manage many different people and tasks simultaneously
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