Lead Officer

What is a Lead Officer?

The Lead officer is the first point-of-contact for all staff and tenants. They operate a telephone switchboard for all internal and external calls, and handle any general inquiries coming from staff or tenants. The Lead Officer acts as a positive role model, leader and trainer for more junior employees and is an essential part of the Intelligarde team.

What are the responsibilities of a Lead Officer?

  • Active Patrolling
  • Report writing
  • Access control monitoring
  • Meeting with Property Management to solve problems in a fast-paced environment
  • Explaining and demonstrating proper patrol procedures, health and safety regulations, and company practices and procedures.
  • Providing guidance to trainees in areas where improvement is required during their three month probation period
  • Advising Intelligarde Management of various disciplinary issues from staff, making recommendations about who should and should not work on site.
  • Conducting initial training for new recruits in addition to performing regularly assigned duties.
  • Evaluating and clearly documenting observations of trainees’ performance
  • Appropriately responding to S/O infractions of Intelligarde’s rules and regulations by notifying management.
  • Actively participating as a member of Intelligarde’s leadership team
  • Submitting all documentation within required time frames
  • Completing necessary recertification and attending all required training programs
  • Following professional ethics and abiding by Intelligarde’s rules and regulations

What skills or qualifications make a good fit for a Lead Officer?

  • Must be comfortable sitting and/or patrolling for extended periods of time
  • Must be a good oral and written communicator
  • Should possess leadership skills and an ability to train and mentor junior employees
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