Field Training Officer

What is a Field Training Officer?

A Field Training Officer leads new recruits in their training and development when they join the Intelligarde team. At the beginning, they help recruits to learn the ropes, understand the basics of their job and feel comfortable with their day-to-day responsibilities. On an ongoing basis, Field Training Officers help recruits to develop into great guards, good people and effective members of the team.

What are the responsibilities of a Field Training Officer?

  • Conducting initial field training for new recruits in addition to performing regularly assigned duties.
  • Explaining and demonstrating proper patrol procedures, health and safety regulations, and company practices and procedures.
  • Providing guidance to trainees in areas where improvement is required during their three month probation period
  • Evaluating and clearly documenting observations of trainees’ performance
  • Acting as a positive role model for all S/O’s and promoting company morale
  • Appropriately responding to S/O infractions of Intelligarde’s rules and regulations.
  • Actively participating as a member of Intelligarde’s leadership team
  • Ensuring compliance of the Health and Safety Act
  • Submitting all documentation within required time frames
  • Completing necessary recertification and attending all required training programs
  • Following professional ethics and abiding by Intelligarde’s rules and regulations

What skills or qualifications make a good fit for a Field Training Officer?

  • At least six months’ experience at Intelligarde
  • Consistently maintained high level of job performance
  • Demonstrated a positive attitude towards all duties assigned & fellow officers
  • Passion for learning and self-development
  • Completed Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, First Aid and Use of Force courses
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities – patient, supportive and fair
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Sensitive to issues of diversity
  • Excellent job knowledge and skills
  • Proven to be a reliable, punctual team player
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