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Effectively securing private spaces to combat both petty crime and serious conflict


Private spaces like shopping malls, strip malls and retail locations can be difficult to manage effectively and efficiently as they often cover large spaces and can host thousands of people at any given time. These areas are not only hotbeds for petty crime but are also areas where large groups of people can congregate and lead to more serious issues. This means that effectively securing these properties, as we’ve done for more than 30 years, requires a team of guards that are experienced in identifying where issues could potentially arise, and dealing with them before they ever become serious. We offer multiple levels of security guards – low-profile, regular, and high-profile – as well as a robust suite of CCTV and reporting products that can help to create safe and secure shopping malls, retail spaces and strip malls for all who visit them. We’re also proud to support the most engaged group of security guards in the country given our industry-leading compensation standards.

Why choose Intelligarde?

  • More than 30 years experience in strip mall, retail & shopping mall security.
  • A robust portfolio of guards, technology and reporting software to support large properties and complex situations.
  • Well-compensated, active and engaged employees.
  • 24-hour communications options for all stakeholders.
We are changing the security industry for the better. Come with us as we revolutionize the role that security guards play in society, and help them transition to being a tool for social good around the world.
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