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Ensuring the safety and security of condo, apartment, and hotel residents


The safety and security of residents inside the walls of their own condos, apartments, hotels and workplaces is an essential component in maximizing their quality of life. If one can’t feel safe in their own home, they simply aren’t able to enjoy day-to-day life. A well trained, engaged and conscientious [concierge or low profile security guard] is the ideal gatekeeper to create safety and security for residents and guests of any property. Often we see that a lack of engagement on the part of security guards working in these positions can lead to temporary lapses in judgment or compliance, compromising the safety and security of all people on the property. We’re proud to support world changing movements and compensation structures that keep security guards active and engaged and reduce these lapses. Our low profile security guards are kept active, engaged and effective in the following ways: Best-in-class security and health and safety training Accountability systems to reduce error and lapses in engagements Industry-leading compensation packages, including employee share ownership Fluent English and/or French speaking guards A customer service first approach

Why choose Intelligarde?

  • More than 30 years experience in private security
  • Over 800 guards on staff, primarily in low profile roles
  • Well-compensated, active and engaged employees.
We are changing the security industry for the better. Come with us as we revolutionize the role that security guards play in society, and help them transition to being a tool for social good around the world.
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