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An oft overlooked but incredibly important role for security guards is to protect our vital industries from intervention from outside sources. Industrial security – that being the security of large industrial factories, large farming operations, oil and gas refinements, and many more – is an important market and one that requires acute attention. Perhaps more than any other industry, the industrial sector can be much more exposed to risks that result from politics, activist movements and other environmental concerns. However, one of the main challenges is that these operations are usually very large, meaning many people involved, many building, multiple properties, and large swaths of land. To address this we employ our formula of engaged people and industry-leading technology to allow us to be effective at scale.

Why choose Intelligarde?

  • More than 30 years experience in industrial security.
  • A robust portfolio of guards, technology and reporting software to support large properties and complex situations.
  • Well-compensated, active and engaged employees.
  • 24-hour communications options for all stakeholders.
We are changing the security industry for the better. Come with us as we revolutionize the role that security guards play in society, and help them transition to being a tool for social good around the world.
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