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Improving the educational environments at federal, provincial, municipal, and private levels


There’s no question that good quality education is a top priority for all Canadians. We see great contributions to improving educational environments at federal, provincial and municipal levels, and also extensively in the private sector. A big part of improving that education is about making the learning environment a safer and more open place for students to flourish in. We look at campus security similar to the way we look at so many other types of security – an opportunity to turn security into a tool for social good. If our guards are engaged and effective in their day-to-day roles, it empowers students to be more effective in the classroom. We believe that industry-leading compensation and a higher purpose for our employees is the best way for us to deliver our promise of security to our own clients.

Why choose Intelligarde?

  • More than 30 years experience in campus security.
  • A robust portfolio of guards, technology and reporting software to support large properties and complex situations.
  • Well-compensated, active and engaged employees.
  • 24-hour communications options for all stakeholders.
We are changing the security industry for the better. Come with us as we revolutionize the role that security guards play in society, and help them transition to being a tool for social good around the world.
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