Supporting Better Business Practices

Intelligarde does things right, so that our clients and employees can live right.

How are we doing it?

The recent changes and evolution of the security industry have led to an increase in the number of companies operating outside of taxation and government regulation, lowering quality standards, quality of life for employees, and overall industry integrity. Intelligarde is a beam of light in a very dark industry. We abide by better business practices, enabling our employees to live better lives with the security of benefits and high-end insurance. Our Employee Share Ownership Plan helps employees to build stable and secure futures, and we always strive to combine that with a healthy, competitive wage. In addition, every one of our eligible full-time employees receives competitive health benefits, and WSIB & EHT contributions.

What does it mean for our people and our clients?

For our people, better business practices mean the following:
  • A more stable and secure financial future
  • Peace of mind knowing that Intelligarde is healthy and operates within government compliance
  • Confidence that should something happen to them, the company will take care of them
  • A healthier, more productive life as a result of health benefits
For our clients, better business practices mean the following:
  • A good, honest and consistent partner that can be trusted to operate ethically
  • Security guards that are happy, healthy and productive
  • Less security guard turnover and the ability to forge relationships between communities and guards
  • Confidence that your investment in a security partner is being put toward employee welfare, social good, and an overall better world