Reimagining the Security Industry

We are reimagining the security industry as a tool for social good.

How are we doing it?

When we look at the security industry as a whole, we see an industry that is built on people that care for and protect other people and property. However, we often see that the very people that are tasked with protecting these people and communities are the same ones not being cared for by their employers. We are reimagining the security industry as a beacon for safety in communities around the world. Throughout history beacons used energy from their surroundings to help ships, airplanes and vehicles understand their location. At Intelligarde, our security guards feed off of the energy of the very communities they protect, working to distribute information, safety and security back to those communities. As the communities become stronger, our guards become stronger. Reimagining the security industry is about understanding that a well taken care of security guard creates a safe community, and a safe community makes a happy, healthy and fulfilled security guard.

What does it mean for our people and our clients?

For our employees, a reimagining of the security industry means a better working environment, a more secure job, and a future they can feel confident in. It means they have a better chance of achieving their personal goals, be it homeownership, a car of their own, or education for their children. For our clients, it means a security guard that comes to work every day ready to protect those that need protection. It means an engaged employee that will be around long-term to build relationships with community members and understand the complexities of local communities that often create dissatisfaction and decrease safety.