What are we doing to solve the issue?

It started with an idea and it grew into a mission. Our mission to improve the security industry and the lives of those who work within it through better business practices.

Reimagining the security industry.

We’re reimagining the role the security guards play around the world. We believe that by improving the lives of security guards we can make the security industry a tool for social good.

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Providing employees with more than a simple wage.

We’ve developed a plan to help our employees achieve long-term financial security and stability, allowing them to achieve the future they and their families have always dreamed of.

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Supporting world changing movements.

We believe that by doing the right things, together, we can change the world. That’s why we’re supporting global movements that help people around the world to live better lives.

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Supporting better business practices.

Better business practices and higher standards will create better lives for our people and the communities and property they work to protect.

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