Changing security.

Here at Intelligarde® we recognize the need for change and we have the tools to make that change happen.

What's happened to the
security industry?

Security guards serve an incredibly important role as the peacekeepers of communities and institutions around the world. For decades security guards have put their lives on the line day-in and day-out to ensure the well being of the people and property they protect, and as a result their employers strived to provide them with good pay, secure jobs and safe working environment. However, in recent years, changes in legislation have made obtaining a security license easier than ever, and ultimately led to the opening of many unregulated security firms that undercut the market and their own employees, and create unsafe working conditions for poor pay.

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How do we solve it?

In order to solve the issue, we’ve decided to create what we believe are the best job opportunities in the entire security industry. The jobs we’re creating are among the safest, most secure and most beneficial roles ever created for security guards.

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Where are we headed next?

At Intelligarde we’re on a mission to improve the security industry and the lives of those who work within it. Using industry-leading business practices, creating unmatched opportunities for our employees and creating long-term financial security for security guards, we’re taking the steps necessary for security guards to live happier, healthier and more secure lives.

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