Here at Intelligarde® we ensure that our employees feel as protected and cared for as the people they serve

Why work with Intelligarde®?

We are on a mission to improve the security industry and the lives of those who work within it. Working with Intelligarde allows employees to reimagine the security industry, receive more than a simple paycheck, support world-changing movements, and support business practices that are better for everyone.

How are we different?

Here at Intelligarde we stand apart from other security companies by giving back to our employees. Our Employee Share Ownership Plan, benefits, and goal to reimagine the security industry itself, make Intelligarde the leading employer for security personnel. We are changing the security industry by changing our employees’ lives for the better.


We give employees the opportunity to share in the financial success of Intelligarde.

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Industry-leading benefits work to make sure our employees and their dependents are healthy and well taken care of.

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The Resolution

The security industry has changed. See how we're addressing it.

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